Public Holidays

Fixed Public Holidays

1 January New Year’s Day
26 July Independence Day
27 July Independence Day celebrations
3 November Victory Day
11 November Republic Day
12 November Republic Day celebrations

Holidays are commonly moved by a day or two. Other holidays are sometimes declared without warning

Moveable Public Holidays
As well as the Muslim religious feasts, there are a number of holidays observed according to the Muslim lunar calendar.

Feast Days 2002
Islamic New Year 1 15 Mar
National Day 2 13 May
Prophet’s Birthday 1 25 May
Huravee Day 1 12 Aug
Martyrs’ Day 1 8 Oct
Start of Ramadan 1 6 Nov
Eid Al Fitr 3 6 Dec
Hajj Day 1 22 Feb
Eid Al Adha 4 23 Feb

Non-holiday Observances

2nd Monday in March Commonwealth Day